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he first issue of Durontus: The Lost Serpent, released in 2013, represents Tyler and Sara's first venture into the world of comics. The story centers around a mysterious serpent that surfaces off the coast of Norway and is observed by a dedicated task force known as the GWG (Gargantua Watch Group) in order to avert possible disaster. Things come to a head when a swarm of moth-like insect mutations engulf the island of Svalbard and awaken Durontus. The creatures fight and the moths quickly head toward the mainland, leaving the story at a cliffhanger ending. Fans of the first issue deserve a resolution and that's where Kickstarter comes in!


Take a look at Durontus: The Lost Serpent Issue #2 on Kickstarter!  The story will pick up where the first issue left off and will feature be more dynamic, professional and engaging.  

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