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Durontus' body shares several similarities with many modern animals, as well as humans. His most striking resembalance however is that to an extinct sauropod of unknown origin. It is purposed that Durontus grew to his immense size through an odd metamorphosis: a genetic mutation from an outside source. This mutation not only increased his size, but also his mass and density, the resulting skin and bone being far more durable than any other living creature. It is also worthy to note than Durontus has shown several attemps a rudimentary logic and communication, suggesting a brain far more advanced than a typical sauropod.

durontus anatomy

Durontus' Roar:



Little is known about the mysterious serpent.   He has been called by many names:  Grafvitnir, Apep, Pontus, Morgawr and most recently, Durontus.  A creature from a time before man, little is known about his origin, intentions or otherwise.  Rising off the coast of Norway, the creature may have given rise to the old Viking tales of sea monsters and dragons.  Since the GWG's (Gargantua Watch Group) research began, the team has discovered a mysterious chemical compound that runs deep below the earth, and has given rise to not only The Lost Serpent, but other Gargantua as well.  Recent years host a survival of the fittest, ancient powers rising up and combating for a primal throne.  


Durontus himself is a beast out of time, resembling an enormous plesiosaur or amargasaurus.  Though aquatic, his flipper like hands and feet can easily support his weight.  Though he appears quadrupedal, he may rear up and fight on his hind legs, similar to a modern bear and stands 429 feet at the crown of his head. His most striking feature may be that his body produces a dangerously caustic chemical compound that he can expel with great force, creating a corrosive cloud that eats through both organic and inorganic matter.